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This is an exciting time for Y11 students and it is vital that you research your future programme of study very carefully.


You should consider your own strengths, see where you are succeeding, but also consider subjects which may be new to you: psychology, criminology, media studies, law etc.


Take time to read carefully the individual course specification sheets available on the website, before making your choice. 

The application process usually begins after your mock GCSE examinations. Each school hosts a Post-16 Evening. Some students may not know what A-levels are or the difference between BTEC Level 3 Diplomas or Subsidiary Diplomas. Take as much advice as you can from school, home, advisors and, of course, Staffordshire Careers and Participation Services.

The most valuable guidance will come from your discussions with teaching staff and tutors, so use every opportunity to talk to people to make sure you choose the right programme to allow you to achieve your full potential and allow you to progress further in education or into a career.

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